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Do You Worry About An Antique Quilt that Needs Some Special Care?

At this time of year we are thinking of family past and present, enjoying the change of seasons, and perhaps bringing a well-loved quilt out of storage and thinking “I should really do something about the damage on this quilt”.

If this is the year you decide to take action, you are at the right website. We have resources for everyone from the accidental collector who inherited a family quilt, to the professional collector ready to undertake a thoughtful restoration job.

In addition to the books, CDs and DVDs in our order area, we are currently planning a Quilt Restoration workshop for fall 2016.  If you are interested, please send an email to nancykirk@kirkcollection.com.

We now have the Quilt Restoration DVDs available along with the download version of Taking Care of Grandma’s Quilt and other DVDs/CDs and books in our on-line store. We have a special for the Combo Pack of the Beginning and Advanced Workshops for $200 for the combo — a savings of over $59.

Order online through our secure shopping cart here:

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Or you can call 800-398-2542 to order.

If you have a shop or internet website and would like to carry the Quilt Restoration DVDs, give me a call to discuss our wholesale pricing.

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